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Bhavya Shree Institute Of Nursing

Affiliated by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi approved by Health Department Govt. of Bihar and guided by Bihar Nurses Registration Council - Patna.

Bhavya Shree Institute of Nursing (A.N.M. Training School)

Ragging is defined as an act that violates or is perceived to violate an individual student dignity. Ragging is damaging form of interaction of seniors in a college or school with juniors, new comers or first years. It includes insults simple, sexual, sarcastic or even physical.
As per the direction of University, the institute has formed the anti- ragging committee and squads for overseeing the implementation of the provisions of the verdict with immediate effect:


To eliminate possibilities of occurrence of ragging even in mildest form.

To rule out any incident of ragging by senior Students inside & outside campus.

To create an environment where ragging cannot take place & students and cannot think of indulging in such action.

Measures taken to eliminate ragging :-

The ragging prevention committee formed every year functions actively form the date of start of session.

The senior students in the ragging prevention committee act as Eyes & Ears of the committee.

Every member of the committee should meet once a month.

Meetings are conducted with 1st year students in the beginning of academic session to sensitize them against ragging.

A formal interaction among seniors & juniors is arranged in the presence of authorities.

Cultural and sport activities with joint participation of seniors & juniors are held periodically under the guidance of faculty.

Punishment given to culprits is publicized through posters inside & outside the campus.

The students are free to contact or informs any member of anti – ragging committee by mobile phone number, Email with identity or anonymously.

Punishments :-

Depending upon the nature & gravity of the offence as established y the anti ragging committee, the possible punishments for those found guilty of ragging, shall be anyone or any combination of the following :-

Cancellation of admission.

Suspension from attending classes.

Withholding/Withdrawing scholarship/Fellowship and other benefits.

Debarring from appearing in any test/examination or other evaluation process.

Withholding results.

Suspensions/expulsion from the hostel.

Nodal Officer:-

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